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  • Engineering Management, Qualities for Success

    Engineering Management, Qualities for Success

    Engineers face an important choice as they move up the career ladder: Should I be a technical lead or an engineering manager?  While there is overlap between the skills each role requires, technical leadership and engineering management are very different paths. Deciding which one to take depends on your natural strengths and interests. The basic distinction…

  • Enhancing Productivity With Work-Life Balance.

    Enhancing Productivity With Work-Life Balance.

    Before COVID-19 hit, only a few companies encouraged remote/hybrid work. The pandemic saw companies have their staff work from home full time. For many, this seemed like a dream come true. Now that our eyes have been opened to working from home, people who have had to go back to their offices look at remote…

  • Stay hungry, stay foolish

    Stay hungry, stay foolish

    There are always few naysayers who will make you question your decisions and you’d think twice about a second saying; “Am I doing this right?” You should not worry about anything the world is adopting. Don’t be afraid to swim against the upstream, be afraid of being the same. Irrespective of what others may say,…

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