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Human Resource and Payroll Management Solution

HrPay is an intuitive web application that provides is an end-to-end solution to manage human resource lifecycle from the enumeration of the employees’ data to the skills, resources, and payroll management.

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Electronic Document Management System

Prowoks is a comprehensive business process automation and electronic document management system for micro, small & medium scale enterprises, and the public sector that digitizes their document management & approval processes.

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Biometric Identity Management Solution

Biometric Identity Management Solution is a digital solution developed to manage the collection and verification of biometric and non-biometric data. It serves as a database for collected data, providing easy access to information about the registrants. It includes both web and mobile applications which ensure easy collection and transmitting of data. Identification numbers are assigned to each registrant and it also manages the development of ID cards for the registrants from the collected data.

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Biometric Time and Attendance Management System

The solution is a robust data-driven Web application developed to manage the attendance data or report of employees within the deployed environment. It gives real-time data to analyze aggregated employees’ participation as well as decentralized information for each employee. It also manages the enumeration process for all the employees which involves the capturing of basic information about the employees as well as their biometric data.

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Electronic Procurement System

Electronic procurement System (E-procurement) is a digital solution designed to improve the purchasing and supply process, transparency, and efficiency of transactions between state parastatals and the contractors/ Vendors. It provides a single online portal for stakeholders to facilitate and engage in public procurement processes leading to transparency, healthy competition, time, and cost-saving efficiencies.

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Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

The Infrastructure Monitoring Solution comprises a highly interactive and data-driven web application and smart on-site hardware IoT devices. The web application provides insights into the parameters being measured by the IoT devices installed on the infrastructure. These devices are capable of measuring set parameters at these sites and broadcasting information via secure communication modules. This solution digitizes infrastructure monitoring and automates maintenance schedules through business intelligence.

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Vehicle Tracking Solution

The Vehicle Tracking Solution is a total security and fleet management solution that tracks and reports the location and movement of vehicles. It comprises a highly interactive web and mobile application and the smart tracker which uses GPS technology. The smart tracker is fitted inside the vehicle and provides effective real-time location and data that can be used for further analysis.

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Beneficiary Management System

The Beneficiary Management System is a solution that aims at digitizing and managing the database of beneficiaries of empowerment schemes within the state governments. It helps to ensure proper visibility for the relevant stakeholders and ensure transparency across the different MDAs within the state

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Total Metrics

Project Monitoring and Evaluation Tool

Total Metrics is a highly interactive web application monitoring and evaluation system that helps manage programs, projects, and allocated resources. Total Metrics provides information needed to assess and guide project strategy, ensure effective operations, meet internal and external reporting requirements, and inform future programming.

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Automated Budget and Expenditure Management System

The Automated Budget and Expenditure Management System is a robust Web and Mobile application that provides end-to-end management of budget and expenditure for the State Government. The System provides access to the different Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) within the state to upload their annual budget, as well as initiate budgeted, spends based on the approved budget.

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Election Service Management System

PollEasy is a premier election services solution that provides Election Strategy Consulting, Political Survey, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll, Constituency Profiling, Election Management and Political Campaigning for Political candidates and Parties

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