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As the technology landscape evolves, it has become increasingly crucial to invest in robust cybersecurity infrastructure to protect sensitive data and information for your business and customers. It's easier now more than ever for hackers to launch attacks against organizations to either steal information or bring their operations to ruin.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Conduct a necessary assessment of your security apparatus to ascertain the degree of risk exposure and vulnerabilities.

Mobile Application Security Assessment

Test your mobile apps to confirm the integrity, confidentiality, and security of the data handled by the application before shipping.

Cloud Infrastructure Security Assessment

Our assessments give you a practical, proven, and reliable way to measure your cloud risk against leading security industry standards.

Social Engineering, Phishing Testing, and Simulation

Test your organization’s susceptibility to phishing email and social engineering attacks.

Cyber Incident Response and Digital Forensics

Find and analyze data intelligently to give your business the advantage in every scenario.

IT Security Services (Design, Implementation, and Monitoring)

Prunedge’s IT security services are essentially based on the best practices, provided by the certified professionals and cyber engineers vastly experienced in information security.

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