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We are a social impact driven team- our focus is on helping people solve problems and streamline processes through Innovative Technology. We love to be a benefit to the society.

Love is the only thing that can be shared infinitely without diminishing.

- Anonymous

February has always been known as the month of love. In commemoration of this, our team carried out the Love Act's pilot edition. The Love Act was born out of a need to show kindness and love to the people in our immediate community who otherwise might not be receiving a lot of love and care in the month of love. We live in uncertain times, and it is crucial that we all take time out to show love to the people around us, no matter how small the gesture might be.

One Team, 12 groups. Each group bought peculiar gift items within a budget to share with special groups of people in the community; Petty traders, hawkers, public schools, Security and sanitary officials, etc. Gifts ranged from food items to cash gifts and school supplies.
It was a rewarding experience as the recipients of these gift items were full of smiles and expressed their gratitude. This project was significant to us because, in the end, it all comes down to what our core value as an organization is, which is impacting lives.
The Love Act 1.0 was the first of its kind, and we look forward to holding more of it in the coming years.

During the COVID-19 induced lockdown, we developed and deployed an app (GloEpid) that is aimed at supporting the public and the work of relevant government agencies in stopping the spread of the virus by helping them contact trace at scale for swift action as well as helping the public effectively carry out self-assessment, get verified information as well as check the vulnerability of their immediate environment and the country at large through a heat map.
We discovered that the most effective defense is to prevent the virus from spreading; Gloepid is used by individuals and health organizations to precisely track and map all COVID -19 cases and their main, secondary, and tertiary contacts.
At a time when a global virus threatened our national economies by crippling commercial activities, we realized the need to move quickly and develop a solution that is effective, simple to implement, and cost-efficient. Today, GloEpid, a 100 percent homegrown solution, is still in use in various capacities across the continent, particularly in high-risk regions, where the application has been of enormous value in assisting efforts to curb the spread of a deadly virus that was once projected to threaten our entire existence as a continent.

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