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Prunedge CPIO, Lanre Akomolafe, Urges Policy Reforms and Collaboration for Nigeria’s Digital Economy Growth on Silverbird Breakfast Show

The SilverBird Breakfast Show is a highly anticipated television program focused on discussing topical issues concerning the Nigerian society in the areas of healthcare, technology, entertainment, travel, and tourism, as well as fashion and lifestyle.  

The episode, which aired on Thursday, May 11th 2023, focused on Nigeria’s Digital Economy and its potential for growth and development and featured an insightful conversation with Lanre Akomolafe, who shared his expertise and vision for Nigeria’s digital future. He shed light on various aspects of the country’s digital landscape, emphasizing the significance of digital transformation and the opportunities it presents for economic advancement. 

During the discussion, Lanre highlighted Nigeria’s immense potential in leveraging technology to drive innovation, economic diversification, and job creation, emphasizing the importance of nurturing a supportive ecosystem that encourages digital entrepreneurship and facilitates access to digital infrastructure and resources for all citizens. 

Outlining the key pillars necessary for a thriving digital economy, including robust broadband connectivity, cybersecurity measures, digital skills development, and a favorable policy environment, Lanre stressed the need for increased investment in digital infrastructure, such as broadband networks and data centers, to foster widespread digital inclusion across Nigeria.

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Closing on his additions, Lanre advised the incoming administration to continue from where the last administration left off by investing in infrastructures and putting the right regulations and policies in place. 

“To advise the incoming administration, to improve the digital economy within the country, I’ll say it’s simply regulations and policy. And I say regulations and policy because I believe if the right regulations and policies are in place within the country, almost every other thing will take care of itself. Where you have the right regulations, you’re going to see a lot of investment in different areas of the economy. If we have the right regulations and policies, around investment and around infrastructure, you’re going to see a lot of investment within the digital space.” 

The episode also explored the challenges and potential solutions to accelerate Nigeria’s digital transformation. Lanre emphasized the need for collaboration between the government, private sector, and civil society to address issues such as digital literacy, data privacy, and regulatory frameworks that facilitate innovation while ensuring consumer protection. 


To watch the full clip, click here.

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