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Mobile Security Testing: Why is it Important for Retail and Enterprise Businesses

As the world evolves, more people are using the internet on their phones. Mobile security testing has become an important way to protect users and businesses from cyber-attacks that take advantage of flaws in these systems. When a customer uses an app to access your business or services over the internet, it is important to make sure that there is security on both ends. Many times, it does not matter if you think your app is safe. There is a big problem if the servers where your app is stored and processed are vulnerable to malicious attacks.

These apps have access to a lot of information about their users, some of which are sensitive and should not be shared with an untrusted source. Application security is important because businesses would do better if they know their apps are safe and cyber attackers can’t take advantage of bugs in the software they use.

Mobile application security testing can be seen as a pre-production check to make sure that an app’s security controls work as expected to prevent implementation mistakes. It helps the development team find edge cases that lead to security bugs that they might not have covered. The testing process looks at both code and configuration issues in an environment that is similar to production to make sure that any problems are found before going live.

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Mobile application security looks at the software security of mobile apps on different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. It involves evaluating applications for security issues in the context of the platforms they are meant to run on, the frameworks they are built with, and the users they are meant for. Mobile apps are an important part of a business’s online presence, and many businesses majorly use mobile apps to connect with customers all over the world.



Application security enhances the level of trust that exists between a company and its customers by improving the effectiveness of business processes, fulfilling compliance requirements, and reducing risks. Business owners are less inclined to use a company’s services if there has been a data breach that has been made public or if there has been a violation of the company’s policies. It’s a smart move to put money into application security that does its job.

Gaining the Trust of Customers

As a result of weak app security, you risk losing the trust of your customers. When a customer leaves a business because of a security breach, the company suffers because it is very difficult to convince that same person to come back and do business with you. This in turn influences the image of the brand and has a major negative impact on the confidence the customer has in the brand.

Information is Protected

If hackers are able to get their hands on important client information such as login passwords or account information, your company stands to lose clients and could even go out of business as a result of the breach. On the other hand, if you test your mobile app properly, you can be assured that your data will remain safe and secure.

Saves Cost

When there is no proper form of protection for your mobile app, it is easy for hackers to take possession of your card details and create transactions. If you run a financial or banking corporation, your company data could either be wiped out by one of these attacks or a ransom request could be made to restore data.
These flaws can also be exploited by attackers so that they can have access to premium services without really paying for them. By using the services of our cyber security experts at Prunedge, you can be sure that the right precautions will be taken and that your company’s data will be safe.

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At Prunedge, we find flaws in mobile apps by using our static and dynamic analysis tools that were made for the mobile environment, along with manual verification and analysis. These tools are constantly updated and checked against the latest versions of the underlying mobile platforms. This helps us find problems that could be caused by a combination of the code in the app and the version of the platform.
Our penetration methods of testing doesn’t just look for flaws in the app itself; we also look for problems in the back-end services that the app uses. By paying attention to both the app and its back-end services, we make sure that all parts of the app are tested.
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