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How Can Your Business Benefit from API Integration

Earlier this year, WhatsApp opened its Cloud API for all businesses globally in an attempt to drive efficient communications for all types of businesses. This way, businesses owners can build on top of WhatsApp to tailor their experiences and respond to customers fast and efficiently.  As a business owner today, you want to stay on top, ahead of your competition and dominate the market. But how does API integration put your business above others?    

Application Programming Interfaces (API) is a software intermediary that acts as a communication link between computer systems, allowing them to access, interact and extract a company’s data function.   

An API functions as a messenger for processing requests and helps your business function seamlessly. APIs allow you to connect information, devices, and software. It can also be referred to as an online programming interface for your organisation, because it allows your business applications communicate with all backend systems easily.     

How can APIs help your business?   

The customers are at the center of every business and to retain them you have to provide them with the best possible experiences. APIs allow you create solutions that provide better experiences without significant increase in the cost. They also help businesses streamline their operations.  Other benefits include;

Automation and integration   

Many businesses need integration of their applications with no need for human intervention. This linking of applications can only be achieved with APIs that support automation. You can automate and integrate your manual tasks to come up with smooth and seamless transitions between the linked applications. Integrated and automated implementations can help your company save money, time, and effort. 

For instance, some software can be used inside another or connected with other tools to streamline certain processes according to your business needs. By doing that your organisation or business can realise better results and reduce development costs.  

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Better user experience for customers 

These days, customers want to access services easily because they know that technology can now support social channels and mobile devices. Hence, these services should be accessible on platforms used by most of your customers. 

With APIs, you can comfortably connect with your customers through social platforms in the form of social networking sites, photo-sharing apps, microblogging systems, virtual reality, chatbots, and others.

API integration 

Marketing Purposes  

As the world evolves, business owners and companies understand that digital marketing is very important in promoting products or services. Traditional forms of marketing work, however, they might not drive desired traffic to businesses and you’re not sure of what works. This is another aspect where API integration helps. You can now advertise your businesses by showing banners and ads on third-party apps to your target audience. 

You will also experience increase in lead generation from several sources, including several media platforms. By integrating APIs into your system, the lead generation process is streamlined. Which will in turn help your business land new customers, brand ambassadors, and potential partners. 


Before now only developers with deep knowledge of data exchange models could use APIs. This was because extremely rigid processes needed to be followed when assembling software components. However, API integration has made things easier.  With API integration, you can be assured of digital transformation, creation and development of new business models. APIs enable software to be supplemented with other products or services to enhance development. 

Here at Prunedge, we know that API integration is being used by businesses to achieve a smooth data transition in less time and with fewer resources. Click on the “get in touch” button for a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about how your business can benefit from API Integration.  


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