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How Can Organizations Ensure Their Networks Stay Cyber-Secure?

In the last decade, there has been a steady increase in the use of connected smart devices around the world, year on year. As much as businesses commend and also appreciate the importance of connecting smart devices over a single network, many still fear the risk of cyber-attacks from fraudsters and hackers. With the ever-increasing attempts made by hackers and fraudsters to steal sensitive information and data by hacking into the databases of businesses and companies, most commercial enterprises are in constant need of improvements in their cyber security.


Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices from 2015 to 2025 (in billions) 

With the constant increase in sophisticated devices and technological advancements, no business is immune to cyber-attacks, irrespective of its size. However, there is a list of helpful tips that will help improve your business networks, reducing the risks of cyberattacks. Below are a few helpful tips to ensure a more secure network for your business or organization.


  1. Create Multiple Backups: Creating multiple backups for data and essential key systems is a helpful tip to ensure safer and more secure storage of essential business or company data. This will allow you to conveniently keep copies of data and key systems off-site, reducing the risk of vital information falling into the hands of a hacker. Check to ensure that your backup system is highly secure and encrypted if possible. A multiple-factor verification security system is also an important feature to consider when choosing an off-site backup system or software.

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  1. Install and Update Anti-malware and Anti-virus Software: The importance of integrating updated anti-malware and anti-virus software into your company or business network can never be overemphasized. Hackers and fraudsters are often keen on the use of malware and viruses to hack and infiltrate networks and systems. Updated anti-malware and anti-virus software will be very useful for your business or organization.
  1. Avoid Accessing Company Data or Systems Through Public or Insecure Internet: Accessing your company’s data or systems through an insecure or public network exposes your business network to malware or viruses, which can be used to launch cyberattacks against your company or business networks. If you must access your company or business data via an insecure or public network, use a strong VPN (virtual private network), which will help secure your business network while using an insecure network.
  1. Set Up Appropriate Firewalls and Access Levels: The use of firewalls is certain to help prevent external access to your business data and network. With the integration of access level restrictions, sensitive information can be protected as it prevents certain employees from accessing sensitive data and information. There is a variety of software that allows you to manage multiple security access levels, allowing you to grant access to only selected individuals. This is indeed a helpful tip for ensuring the security of your business and organization’s network. 
  1. Sensitize Your Employees on How to Spot Cyber Threats: Teaching your employees about cyber security and educating them on tips to spot a cyber threat is an important step to optimizing your cyber security for your business or organization. This way, you can be sure to improve the response time once a breach in your business network or system is detected. There is a host of online training, guidelines, and practices that will be sure to improve your employees’ knowledge of cyber security and safety. 


As technology continues to evolve daily, new devices, software, and applications are constantly created to ensure the easy and seamless use of the internet of things (IoT). With more devices and applications continuously being connected to the internet, the safety of data and information will always be a factor to consider, especially for businesses and companies. 

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These tips are sure to help optimize the security systems put in place by business owners to prevent the ever-growing risk of cyberattacks. Other than just reducing the risk of cyberattacks, optimizing the cyber security of your business or company holds a host of benefits for businesses and organizations. With a safe and secure network, your business is sure to experience an increase in productivity due to reduced downtime and increased customer confidence, as well as many other benefits.


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