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E-procurement 101: Why you need an E-procurement tool in 2022


Gone are the days when vendors have to go from office to office carrying brown papers or clear bags to submit proposals, show catalogs and bid for contracts. Companies on the other hand also do not need to worry about storing files and getting worried that something might fall out and go missing during the process of carrying from one office to another.  

In addition, unlike other technologies that might spell doom for the work force. E-procurement does not lead to job losses, nor does it take away discretionary powers assigned to officials. Instead, it aids the traditional workflow process and reduces processing times.  

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Making use of an E- procurement system allows you to automate the several activities of the traditional procurement with workflows leading to increased productivity and better funds management. 

Our e-procurement tool – Iprokure, can help business managers locate potential vendors and suppliers, invite bids, review bids, award contracts, and oversee the management of contracts. Managing vendors and catalogues, as well as integrating purchase orders, creating invoices, and accepting payments online are some of the other activities involved.   

How does using our E-procurement system distinguish you from others 

  • An improved and standardized system cuts down on cycle time and makes it easier for the management to follow the procurement process. 
  • There is effective control which improves compliance, centralization, standards, requisition strategy and auditioning data which in turn improves budgetary control that limits spending and ensures a better reporting system.  
  • Operation costs are reduced because there is the advantage of more competition among vendors. Spending is also clear, as administrators can see how much is being spent on purchase orders and other things.  
  • The centralized tracking of transactions allows for full reports to be made on requisitions; items bought, orders processed and payment made.  
  • The automation process will ensure that there are fewer mistakes and all documents are properly accounted for.  
  • E- procurement data management helps with collaboration, analysis and decision making. It also helps to close holes associated with corrupt practices in the procurement process.  
  • Everyone who uses the system will benefit from better supply chain mechanisms.  
  • Internal purchasing is improved and with automatic bid processing, electronic purchase orders, and electronic billing, business can be done better, faster and cheaper.  


Reviews from current iProkure users have shown that most businesses have been able to save costs, manage their timelines better, and experience little or no compliance and fraud issues in the time they have been using our tool.  

Aside from the numerous benefits of Iprokure, business managers can also utilize insights to take a quantum leap to create new business models, improve service offerings and delivery timelines, thereby becoming a very important asset that allows for growth in all areas as the organization is concerned. 

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