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Any Business Can Benefit from Conversational UI

Before the advent of online stores, people had to walk into physical stores to buy goods. Most shops had customer assistants who helped people pick out what they wanted, advised them on what to get, or generally assisted them to make their shopping experiences easier. In many cases, these assistants used pre-defined scripts to respond to customer queries. This also applies to stores that rendered services.  

Now that the world has gone largely digital, companies and businesses have moved their dealings to websites and online stores. Hence the need for conversational UI, in other words, it functions like a conversation between a customer and a salesperson in a real store. 

A CUI, which stands for “conversational user interface,” is a user interface that works like normal human conversation. The easy-to-understand language and conversational tone make you feel like you’re talking to a friend. The customer is talking to a machine, but the language and logistics are meant to make it seem like they are talking to a real person. A conversational user interface (CUI) is a way for people and computers to talk to each other, just like they would with a real person. 

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These days, internet shoppers are looking for a more interactive and personal experience than what they find on most sites.  The expectations of shoppers who prefer to do their shopping online have increased.  They seek out opportunities to engage with businesses and develop meaningful relationships with them. 

Traditional websites’ user interfaces are restrictive and prevent users from interacting with brands. If a customer’s interaction with a brand falls short of its increasingly high standards, the customer is more likely to look elsewhere.  

A conversational user interface brings the one-on-one service of a store clerk to the convenience of the Internet. It makes online shopping a more personal and interesting experience.  In other words, it gives an eCommerce site a personal touch by making customers feel valued and cared for. 

A chatbot is a type of virtual assistant that is used to qualify leads on websites and apps.  This frees up your sales conversational interface so that your company’s resources can focus on high-quality leads instead of chasing after many low-quality leads that waste everyone’s time. Chatbots can do simple jobs that are done over and over again, like qualifying leads and helping customers. One of the most popular ways to use chatbots today is to automate the process of qualifying leads.  

Conversational technology can make things better for both customers and employees when it is used well. It can also save money and make information easier to find and share. It could also make systems easier for all customers or employees to use by letting people talk to them instead of using a keyboard or mouse.  

Voice assistants and chatbots are both becoming more popular as everyday tools. Businesses can use the technology easily and for a low cost. The user tells the computer what to do when using a conversational user interface.   

Chatbots can help you with your business no matter what it is, where it is, or how big your market is. Today, conversational UI is steadily pushing the limits of how simple and easy it is for people to use software. If a person who has never used an app before opens it and learns how to use it in a few minutes, the user interface (UI) is successful.  

Unlike automated chatbots, which answer specific questions about returns, hours of operation, and other frequently asked questions, conversational UI considers omnichannel marketing and gives customers more intelligent, human-like interactions. 

One of the biggest benefits is that a chatbot can accurately represent a brand’s personality and tone based on its target audience. The goal here is to give AI more of a human side, because these more emotional and personal connections matter. Make your eCommerce brand customer-centered and let your customers know that you’re always there for them. 

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We believe your business would benefit from adopting this conversational AI technology and we can help you with getting the best one tailored to your specific needs: whether lead generation, customer insights, onboarding, and customer support scalability. Click the “Get in Touch” button for a free 30-minute consultation and start delivering value to customers. 


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