TeamCare: a technological approach to improving People Management

Automation of the Federal University of Technology, Akure Directorate of Human Resource and Establishment


Digitizing human resource has the potential to change entirely the entire employee experience by revamping processes and systems via new digital platforms, applications, and ways of service delivery. FUTA needed a way to simplify and combine all its Human Resource systems in a unified platform.


Human resource management is the term used to make sense of formal systems forged for the administration of people within an organization. It is concerned with the contribution it can make to improving organizational effectiveness through people. It covers the activities of strategic human resource, human capital management, knowledge management, employee relations, employee wellbeing and provision of employee services.

The main goal of any human resource management system is to support the organization in achieving its objectives by developing and implementing human resources strategies that are integrated with the business strategy. It also contributes to the development of high performance culture and ensure that the organization has the talented and engaged people it needs.

The function of human resources departments is administrative and this is common to all organizations. Some organizations may have formalized selection, evaluation and payroll processes. Managing human capital has progressed to an imperative and complex process. The HR function also consists of tracking existing data which includes personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments and salary. However, the essential goal of every human resource department is to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employee.

We live in a digital world and all business processes are on their way to becoming digital, human resource management cannot be an exception to this evolution. Digital transformation in the human resource sector is an opportunity where analyzing employee data, making well informed decisions and executing human resource processes are simplified, the digitization can help human resource build a culture that accelerates transformation, productivity and engagement among workforce.

The Challenge

When the Federal University of Technology, Akure, realized that operating on a digitized human resource management would enhance productivity. They decided to upgrade from a manual system to an automated one.

They were faced with numerous challenges peculiar to an average manual system especially because of their very large work force. With over 2000 employees to manage, the manual system they used was an inefficient, slow, cumbersome and tedious to use. Productivity was slower, particularly in routine and operational activities such as background checking and employee profiling.

Processing was slower specifically because they had to deal with large volumes of data. Information that could be provided at the speed of light if a digitized system was deployed, was hard or impossible to retrieve. For example, if the start date of a certain employee was needed, they had to go to the store room, locate the employee file and then find the physical paper form that contained such information.

Access to information is also often restricted to one user at a time. This can be seen in the promotion process that was used. Employees interested in getting a promotion had to fill a paper form and submit for approval to the next superior (in this case the HOD). The HOD then passes the form on to the next superior – the form however in some cases could get lost in transit. Paper files can easily be buried in piles of other files or in in-trays. The applicants further found it very difficult to track their promotion.

Detection of errors was difficult to track and correct. This led to a lot of incorrect information as regards employees. If a manual document contained errors or needed to be updated, it was often necessary to recreate the whole document from scratch, rather than just a new version with the relevant details edited or changed.

Paper/ file based systems are generally very bulky to handle and to store. A ton of information could go missing without a proper back up in place.

A manual system does not allow real time reporting and analytics. With such large volumes of data combined with proper analytics, better business decisions can be made based on trends and patterns spotted in the data. This can only be achieved when a proper digital system is in place, for easy mining and processing of data.

Our Solution

TeamCare is a carefully built software that enhances smooth human resource management operation. It maximizes employees’ abilities to perform administrative tasks, access information and kick off various approvals. TeamCare is a solution that helps to ensure seamlessness and increased efficiency as regards HR operations.

There are few successful companies in any industry that do not have some sort of automation in place for HR tasks at this juncture. Mobile accessibility has further worked to transform the landscape of HR, putting information and task management at the fingertips of employees and managers – hence the creation of TeamCare for academic Tertiary institutions.

While it is possible to take care of HR functions manually, an automated system can help to elevate productivity levels and can change the way that an organization or company is perceived in the modern marketplace. It is important to note that because these systems are not “one size fits all,” TeamCare has been built specifically to cater for the needs of the tertiary academic sector. It however, can be easily customized for other organizational verticals.

Key Features

  • Recruitment and onboarding: The Team Care solution has a Recruiting and Onboarding module that automates and streamlines the entire recruiting, hiring and onboarding process.
  • Gathering, storing, and accessing employee information: This HR function consists of tracking existing employee data which traditionally includes personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments, and salary. This helps to reduce the manual workload of these administrative activities, organizations can begin to electronically automate many of these processes deploying Team Care.
  • Benefits administration: The benefits administration module provides a system for organizations to administer and track employee participation in benefits programs. These typically encompass insurance, compensation, profit sharing, and retirement.
  • Employee self-service:Allows employees to query HR related data and perform some HR transactions over the system. Employees may query their attendance record from the system without asking the information from HR personnel. The module also lets supervisors approve requests from their subordinates through the system without overloading the task on HR department.
  • Analytics and informed decision making: This module enables organizations to extend the value of an HRMS implementation by extracting HR related data for use with other business intelligence platforms. For example, organizations combine HR metrics with other business data to identify trends and anomalies in headcount to better predict the impact of employee turnover on future output.
  • Promotion tracking: This module helps any employee that has applied for promotion keep track of where the promotion process has gotten to, this would relieve anxiety that comes with applying for promotion and increase productivity.

Significance of TeamCare to the Federal University of Technology, Akure

  • Productivity – The most obvious benefit that TeamCare provided, was as regards productivity within the FUTA DEHR department.  Implementing TeamCare helped to automate a huge number of HR functions, thus freeing up your people om the team to focus on other issues like attracting new hires and employee training strategies.
  • Reduced Errors – Human error can result in serious complications and implication for the organization – both financial and legal. TeamCare was able to help the FUTA DEHR team reduce the amount of error to a bare minimum. It helped to automate day to day processes such as leave application, query issuing and response as well as promotion exercises.


With TeamCare strong emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness, it is a good enough reason for tertiary educational institutions to implement TeamCare. It can handle numerous tasks including benefits administration, attendance information and processing, performance information and evaluation, and much more – critical in helping you take people administration to the next step, ensuring organizational growth.

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