Myriad: a unique Content Management System for Government

Consolidating all Ondo State Government Ministries, Departments and Agency websites into a unified content management system


Government agencies generate an enormous volume of diverse content as a product of their work and their interaction with the public. The range of content includes traditional documents, web content, still images and videos. All of these contents are vital to the process of accountability, service provision and disseminating information to the public. In addition to the large volume of data that needs to be managed, government agencies are under a lot of pressure to leverage the availability of the internet and mobile devices, so citizens can access information rapidly. Myriad is a multisite content management solution, that solves the problem of managing government content without a lot of technical knowhow and within a highly secured environment.


A web content management system facilitates web content creation, updating, exercising of editorial oversight, and other essential maintenance functions. It is a system (usually web based) that facilitates the creation, management and delivery of information (contents and documents), typically via corporate websites, portals, extranets or intranets. Users can use the system without being conversant with the main web content development language.

In its simplest form, the content management system, using a browser, will allow a content creator to use an editor to create and edit content with an authorized user to approve the content to be published in a live environment. All of these is controlled through security, workflow and audit trails and all is stored and tracked in a database.

Content management involves managing the different stages in the lifecycle of content. The lifecycle stages of content are creation, updating, publication, translating, archiving and destruction. The major task in creation of content is ensuring that only authorized persons can do it and they can do it in a convenient way with a minimum cost to the organization.

Problem Statement

The days of building websites that serve as static digital brochures are over. Today, any information providing entity like government ministries and agencies are expected to provide constant dynamic, customized and sharable content. Without this type of tool that will enable government agencies manage their own content, site updates can only be accomplishes by a developer with the knowledge and expertise to write code. Arms of government would need to go through a development company, submit update requests and wait days for new site content and functionality to be made available.

Also as technology continues to improve and the demand for quality in representation and service delivery increases, there is a need to create a unique system that helps to unify all forms of web and content management system been used within a particular government regime, while still retaining its core brand identity.

The Ondo State Government needed a system that would consolidate all her ministries and agencies web portal and platforms into a unified whole. A multisite system whereby all the ministries and subsidiaries in the state would be managed under one big portal system.

The Ondo State Government needed a secure information-driven platform that details the activities of the state to the people and allows people access up to date information and services.

Our solution – Introducing Myriad

Myriad is a content management system designed for unique implementation by any central government with multiple agencies and arms, e.g. A state government; that allows you to create, edit, manage and maintain website pages dynamically.

A web based application consisting of several well-designed templates that fits into the basic representation needs of a website and allows the information on the web page be dynamically updated by authorized personnel within the designated ministries/agencies.

Some of Myriad’s key Features include;

  • Template — A common web template provides consistent branding across all Ondo State websites, while giving units’ flexibility in tailoring their information and site to the needs of their audience.
  • Responsive design — Pages in the CMS are viewable on any device, scaling or reformatting for smart phones, tablets, and computers
  • Workflow — Multiple roles and an approval process for edited content allows site managers to distribute the work of keeping the content updated
  • Versioning — Versions are saved of every published draft including an audit log, allowing content managers to revert to previous versions if needed.
  • Scheduled publishing — Content can be set to automatically publish (go live) or unpublish (sunset) at a given date and time.
  • Ondo State central authentication — Once you are assigned permissions by a site administrator, you can log in with your KU Online ID and password to manage your website and content.
  • Syndicated content — Pull content from central Ondo State sources, such as the Course Catalog and Ondo State Calendar of Events.

Significance of Myriad to Ondo State

Myriad was created to address the inconsistency and poor quality of web pages created by different ministries, departments and agencies of the various tiers of government. A unique content management system that specifically addresses the need for a robust and easy to use system for government, its key significances include;

  1. Consistent brand and navigation – Design templates provide a consistent brand image and standard navigation across all Ondo State websites
  2. Quick and easy page management – Any approved user can quickly and easily publish webpages without complicated software or programming
  3. Workflow management – An integrated workflow process for reviewing and approving content.
  4. Flexibility for developers – Because the CMS enables non-technical users to easily publish content, this frees up technical developers to focus on functionality and enhanced features
  5. Design is separate from content – You can manipulate content without fear of accidentally changing the design
  6. Shared resources – Website managers have access to shared resources, such as modules, images, audio and video files, etc.
  7. Approval systems – You can give different levels of access to different users, and the CMS has mechanisms to ensure content is approved before going live
  8. Mobile ready – The CMS automatically scales your site to fit tablets, mobile devices and smaller browser windows
  9. Archive capabilities –You can track who has made changes to your page and archive previous versions of your page
  10. Remote access – You can access and update your site from anywhere with an Internet connection
  11. Search engine-friendly – The CMS helps to optimize your website so that search engine users can easily find your information
  12. Updates— The CMS allows alerts to be set to notify the editor when content needs to be reviewed, updated or removed.

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