Transforming the Customer Service Approach

How QueueBox is helping The Initiative for Equal Rights transform its service delivery approach


Organizations the world over are regularly faced with the challenge of having to improve the quality of their customer service approach through innovation, increased responsiveness of their teams to the customer’s needs as well as in some cases overhauling the customer service approach in a bid to improve customer experience while removing barriers and increasing results gotten by the customer per interaction with service agents within the organization.

Queues are end results of service/product acquisition processes, where customers need to wait in line to be serviced within an organisation. A queue management system is used to control queues. Queues of people form in various situations and locations in a queue area. There are mainly three forms of queues – Structured (here people form a queue in a fixed, predictable position, such as at supermarket checkouts, and other retail locations such as banks or airport security), unstructured (Where people form a queue in unpredictable and varying locations and directions. This is often the case in some forms of retail, taxi queues, ATMs and at periods of high demand in many situations) and mobile queues (allowing customers to use their mobile phone to view real-time queue data and select a reason that they want to visit your service centre. Customers are free to carry on their day and don't have to wait in a waiting area. Customers receive notifications via SMS or App and when ready to be seen, they are called forward for service).

Effective Queue Management allows to manage and streamline queues in order to improve customer waiting periods and staff productivity. An effective queue management system systematically manages the customer journey from the very first to the last customer touch point, managing the customer’s experience from the initial to final service delivery. These intelligent management systems allow to increase productivity and sales and reduce operating costs by ensuring that customer is served by the staff that are the most qualified according to the request.

Problem Statement

The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERS) is a Nigerian based registered nonprofit organization working to protect and promote the human rights of sexual minorities nationally and regionally.

Specifically, TIERS identified two major problems. Firstly, they needed a solution that would manage their client queue by also assigning each client to the specific professional he/she came to see. Secondly, TIERS wanted to create an intelligent system that integrates with their existing cataloguing and documentation system, thereby allows for second/follow up clients be able to access service faster by easy identification/location of their case files, while still maintaining utmost confidentiality.

Our Solution – Introducing QueueBox

Queue box is a solution that allows for queue management within customer service centric organizations/businesses. Our queue management system allows customers and visitors to enter a queue by taking a ticket via a Self-Service Ticketing Kiosk (that is made up of a mobile tablet device, a mobile thermal printer and a mobile sound system).

The QueueBox solution on the self-service kiosk that allows walk in clients pick a number and wait conveniently to be called up over the sound system for their selected service. The solution also creates customized tickets for clients, generates complete reports for record and statistical purposes for the organization/business as well as help manage staff assignment to various service offerings/roles within the organization/business.

A new customer service approach

QueueBox has subsequently been able to help The Initiative for Equal Rights overall their customer service approach by increasing efficiency and cutting wait time. Outline below are the significance and features of QueueBox;

  • Sales or Customer service personnel do not manage the queue; they simply look after the customer allocated to them, this helps to increase their productivity by allowing them time to attend particularly to the customer’s request.
  • Data can be gathered not only about the customer coming into the branch/store, but on their specific needs, thereby being able to review data and establish key areas for staff to focus on.
  • Relaxed and active waiting areas make your customers feel more at ease and they don’t have to worry about losing their place in the queue. It creates a less stress-free environment pushing up customer satisfaction and staff productivity.
  • Helps regulate end of queue, improve queue efficiency and integrate multi-queuing systems
  • Monitoring of staff productivity and built in supervisory call function
  • Queue Layouts can be dynamically updated through the management console
  • Centralized admin configuration to allow for remote edits and changes to the service requirements and details within the solution.

Significance of QueueBox to the Initiative for Equal Rights

The new customer service approach/delivery system using technology has been able to change the experience of the users, system administrators and service delivery team at the Initiative for Equal Rights.

QueueBox as a product is deployable on a local infrastructure as well as over the cloud with the following key significance;

  1. Creates the best customer experience and delivers insightful data for Service Intelligence
  2. From each visit and employee interaction, the queuing system saves information, providing you data and insights you never had before. Foot-traffic and performance analytics enable staff to offer better service intelligently
  3. No contracts or expensive hardware. Software as a Service when and how you need, centrally controllable and easy to use. No training needed - You can start using it today!
  4. QueueBox is suited for single or multi-location businesses, helps to reduce customer wait and service time by 50% as well as increases customer satisfaction by about 30%.
  5. Ensures seamless customer journey & experience by eliminating irregular and haphazard queuing

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