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We are a social enterprise that creates technology solutions to solve day to day human and system problems within the public sector.

Our Mission

To solve the world’s greatest problems through technology.

Our Vision

We exist to innovate and create affordable technological solutions that solves day to day human problems by increasing the efficiency of systems and processes within the social and public sector space.


Creating innovative solutions to global problems

  1. By creating technology solutions to address various efficiency problems within our areas of focus.
  2. By carrying out sensitization activities to strengthen public awareness as well as help ensure successful deployment and adoption of developed solutions.

Partnering with relevant organizations to solve global problems

  1. By collaborating with organizations with similar objectives to solve global problems within our areas of focus.
  2. By providing technology support to non-profit organizations through Tech4Dev (our technology social capital investment subsidiary) within the public health, education and civic engagement space.

OurValue System

Our product development and service delivery is guided by the following principles


People first


Our design and product development process follows standard technology and security conventions


Our solutions are crafted to first solve local problems with a scalable approach in mind


We set the right expectations and deliver value


We exist to innovate


Impact before revenue

PrunedgeNews Centre

The Prunedge News Centre is the official site for the latest Prunedge news and information. More than just press releases, we have unique content that provides in-depth analysis of key technology and business trends within the public sector across the globe, as well as content from thought leaders, press releases and more.

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Across Industries

With over 30 years of combined experience on our team across 3 broad industries, Prunedge offers proven unique industry specific solutions to fit your community verticals -

helping to drive transformation and innovation of your processes and business with the end user’s experience and satisfaction in consideration.


Our education solutions are designed to support educators, inspire students and empower institutions.

Our Offerings

We support business growth while lowering operational cost and losses through our solutions.

Our Offerings

Optimizing government processes and expanding access to citizen critical services through technology.

Our Offerings